Mona Canvas
This page will cover any new features within Mona. As new features come in, they will merge with the rest of the docs.

Mona Canvas

A Canvas is a kind of artifact that can display a linked image on the internet. Currently the supported media types are .jpeg and .png. An external website can also be linked when you click on it in the Mona space. The owner of the space can update this information after the space has been minted. A canvas can scale the image to fit, or scale the canvas to fit the image.
A Frame is the optional objects that house the canvas. The Frame does not scale due to the potential skewing of the object and it's textures.
It is recommended to have 100 canvases in a space at most as it will have to load every image at once before the space is loaded. Of course less is probably better for load times, but this has been found to be a hard limit.

The Canvas Prefab

The Canvas Prefab is made up of a similar object structure as other artifacts.
The Canvas and object structure
  • The Canvas Prefab Object can be renamed if you like. If you want to add a new Canvas to the scene you can find it in the Project/_MonaAssets folder.
  • The 'UniqueCanvasName_1' object must have a unique name, and the 'Canvas' tag applied at the top left of the Inspector. This also must have a collider on it so the player avatar can 'see' it in order to interact with it.
  • The SpawnPoint will be used with future functionality.
  • The FrameAssets have the optional objects that can be used as a frame for the image. This could also house the Collider so the avatar can't run through it.

Auto Scaling

  • The Canvas can scale down to the image that it is linked to, or the Image can scale to the Canvas. This is set when you add your Playable files to your Space on the Mona Submission page (the playground will not have this functionality)
  • The bounds of the Canvas will be the bounds of the Image if you scale the Canvas to the image, so the frame will either fit vertically or horizontally depending on the linked image.

Linking Images

  • Once you upload your Playable files to a Space slot in your wallet on, and you select Upload, it will list all the links possible in your space (if you have named each category with Unique names)
The Canvas Link options
  • Once you select link you can fill in the information as you see fit.
Add details to Canvas
  • The first link under Other (other options include links to NFT Marketplaces etc) is the website that will open when the Canvas is clicked on in Mona. It does not need to be an NFT Marketplace, it can be anything you like.
  • There is only one Canvas Type at the moment, which is Image. More will be added in the future. As noted only .jpg and .png are supported.
  • The last option is if the Canvas scales to the Image or the Image scales to the Canvas.
Fit Image inside Canvas example
Scale Canvas down to Image Size
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