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How big can I make my space?

50m x 50m x 50m is the recommended play area your avatar can travel. This is the default area within the Unity Template. While you may extend beyond this play area, we recommend smaller spaces for the best visitor experience.
150MB is the largest AssetBundle file size supported. If your total AssetBundle size is larger than this, please try to further optimize your space for a better experience.

Can I add assets outside the Space play area?

Yes. Feel free to customize the skybox and environment beyond the play however you wish, it can extend beyond the 50m cube.
Note: if you add a large environment, this may impact the performance of your Space.

Can I use Assets from a marketplace?

Yes. But make sure to read the usage license before using in your Space. We recommend you create your own 3d assets from scratch or using open-source 3d assets.

What equipment do I need to enter MoNA?

A Mac or PC running Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Edge. (Yes even Microsoft Edge).
    Can I play on a mobile device?
    Not yet. But stay tuned!

Can I add lighting to my scene?

Yes, you can add lighting! It is best to add them inside Unity.

What Unity version is recommended?

Unity 2020.3.18f1 or higher
For best results, download our Download the Template Unity Project hereโ€‹

Can I animate elements in my scene?

Yes. Right now the only way to animate within Mona is by using the timeline. Here is a easy to follow tutorial to get started: Understanding the basics of using the Timelin [Unity]โ€‹
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