➡️ Get Started
The first steps to building you Space.

Getting started is easy.

⬇️ Below are instructions to get started building ⬇️
If you need any help with this process, Join our Discord and we'll help you through the process.

Install Unity (Free)

  • We use Unity to stage your Spaces before minting on the blockchain.
  • To install Unity for Windows, macOS, and Linux visit Download Unity on the Unity website.
  • We support Unity version 2020.3.18f1 and higher. If you download and use an older version, this may affect the final look of your Space.
  • Unity is free to download and use for you to set up your Space.
When installing Unity, when prompted for Unity component selection, make sure to add build support for WebGL.

Download Template

We have a ready-to-use Space template to make the build process easier. You can find our Space Starter template on our Github.
Simply clone the repository or press Code -> Download ZIP.

Open Template Project in Unity.

  • Unzip the Template into the preferred location on your computer (i.e. Desktop).
  • Open the top-level folder of our SpaceStarter template in Unity.
Select Add -> Find SpaceStarter-main -> Open -> Double click to launch Unity project
Note: the template may take up to 5 minutes to import.

Open Scenes

  • After opening the Unity SpaceStarter-main project, navigate to the MoNA menu and select Load Space Scenes.
  • This will open three scenes: Space , Artifacts, & Portals.
  • Remove the Untitled scene.
  • Once all three are loaded, you are ready to start adding your art.

Import your Art

Drag and drop your 3D creations, textures, or images into the _AddYourArtHere Folder. This folder is located in the Asset folder inside the Unity project window.
Supported 3D file formats: .fbx, .obj
Supported 2D file formats: .jpg, .png, .mp4
Supported Audio file formats: .mp3

Add your art to the Space

Once your art is loaded in the _AddYourArtHere folder, you can begin to add it to your Space by dragging it from the folder into one of these prefabs in the Hierarcy.
  • For environment art, add these assets into the Space prefab. This includes all assets that will not change in your Space. For example, if you built a traditional gallery, with four walls and a ceiling, these assets would go here.
  • For pre-existing NFT art, or assets that you might one day want to remove from the Space, add these assets to the Artifacts prefab. For example, if you want to include a painting, but want to change it in the future, you'd place that here and tag it as an Artifact.
  • For portals, think of it like the door or entry way to another Space, place those art assets in the Portals prefab.
All objects must say inside either the Space prefab, the Artifacts prefab or the Portals prefab. Do not rename the Space Prefab or your Space will not load properly.
The 50x50x50m play area in the Mona Unity template is the default recommended Space size. This is the playable area your avatar can travel in your space. Your environment and skySphere can expand past the recommended play area.
Builders should consider creating smaller Spaces, this will allow for higher detail. (ie. 10m x 10m x 10m.)
You can create larger Spaces, however we recommend this only for experienced builders.

Get Started Tutorial

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