๐Ÿ“ฎ Submit Your Space

Export Unity Package

Inside your Unity project with the Space, Artifacts, and Portals Scenes loaded, navigate to the MoNA menu, and select 'Build Mintable Files'.
This will export and save a Unity Package to your computer. A window will automatically open with the destination of the saved Unity Package.
This folder will need to be submitted to MoNA.

Submit Build to MoNA


When submitting, you will need to include the following:

  • Artist Name
  • Space Title
  • Short Description
  • Space Summary (Long description)
  • Space Theme (Sci fi, Nature, Classical etc)
  • Playable Files (<180Mb)
  • Preview Image (<5Mb)
  • Mintable Files (<2Gb)
  • โ€‹Video Render (20Mb)
  • โ€‹
  • Title
  • Artist Name
  • Space Description
  • Unity Package file
  • PlaygroundAssets folder
  • Screenshot of Space
  • โ€‹Video Render of Spaceโ€‹
  • Additional written notes for judges (optional)
  • If you used purchased or premade assets, you must disclose a list of these here.

You did it!

Now we'll do our magic and get your space working on the blockchain.
We'll send you a link when it's ready.
In the meantime, Join our Discord to connect with other builders and collectors.
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