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Get started using the Unity template

Description: In this video, we walk through the steps of opening up our Unity Template for the first time. You'll learn how to import your 3D assets into Unity, build an asset bundle, and then preview your space in the web browser, using the MoNA Playground.

How to Add a Custom Sky Sphere to Your MoNA Space

Description: In this video, we will walk through how to add a custom Sky Sphere to your MoNA Space.
If you are missing the Sky Sphere, download it from Github here:โ€‹

How to Export from Gravity Sketch and Import into the MoNA Unity Template

Description: Learn how to export your Gravity Sketch creations and bring them into MoNA.

How to Use Portals in the MoNA Unity Template

Description: This is a tutorial how to set up and use Portals in Mona.

How to Use the MoNA Asset Utility Menu in Unity

How to Update Your MoNA Space Starter Template

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